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Masked Weather - Something Wicked This Way Comes!
72" x 60",
acrylic on wood,1994.

I made up the words then simply painted a frozen snapshot of a fine day pulsing across the sky with a witch's hat on. I love it when 3 and 4 year old children point out I haven't hung the painting correctly. They tell me the witch's hat "should" be at the top. Thank god I painted it before "Bananas in Pyjamas!"

A Wind-borne Flower Uprooted
108" x 72",
acrylic on unstretched canvas,1997.

This painting is a further exploration in poster form of the detailed flower in the top left of "Three Flowers Seen..." I imagined the same flower spirited away by a big gusty wind in Wellington, New Zealand.

Bless me, Father.....
48"x 42"
acrylic on stretched canvas, 2017.
(framed in black, signed in black on the back.)
(Acknowledgment: My friend, Murray Hepi, shared the idea in this painting with me.)

Unfortunately, I went to Catholic schools from 1961-73 (inclusive.) My experience was that I got great tuition for my first three years, & then I got the nuns & Marist Brothers who seemed to have much more ideological agendas. For example, in 1964, a nun told our class if we said "damn" we'd go to hell. I was the first kid to say dam- I told her a dam is a thing that water runs through & I might very well go to hell for being a very bad boy, but I wouldn't be going to hell for saying dam. In the next break one of my school friends said- " That was good Duncan - now what else is Sister - full of shit about ! "
Fast-forwarding to 2017 the Catholic Church seems to have four basic problems:

they are extremely slow at doing the basic research to prove themselves wrong- for example it took the Catholic Church 460 years to apologise & say Galileo was right, in 1992!
for most of the past 100 years at least, they have been largely ostrich-like when their various clergy have been accused of sexual assault. They've denied it & buried their heads in the sand.
instead of reporting paedophile predators within their ranks to the appropriate authorities, the Catholic Church has largely shunted offenders from parish to parish & school to school where, unsurprisingly, their offending has continued.
the confessional's secrecy gets in the way of mandatory reporting for sexual offences.


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