Who I am is my stand for loving you.  For you simply being the best there is! You’re unique. 

There’s no one like you and yet – we all are!  I stand for celebrating who you are.

I stand for your power and your grace.  You’re exciting!

         I stand for supporting people in their realisation of their dreams

         on their terms in their world.

          I stand for you being free.  No one has the right to stub their heel on the

very throat of your song.

         I stand for generating opportunities in your listening such that you step into

conceiving pertinent questions for you whose inspirational possibilities will

demand your life.  Don’t give up!

         I stand for investing you with inspirational unrest.  You will take principle –

centred actions within the unfolding excitement of the miracle of your being alive.

        I stand for sharing our relatedness and excitement and wonder with each

other.  The flash of our human spirit.  I stand for my family – and you are all a part

of that family!

         I stand for lightening up a little.  There’s enough anxious people out there

without you getting varicose veins in your foreheads as well!

         I stand for risk – for everything being up for grabs.  I’m committed to

disappearing beyond the edge of where the now in me currently lives! I stand for

raising at lease US$1 million each for our Mary Potter Hospice here in Wellington, New Zealand,

and for Amnesty International by selling two of my paintings & donating all the proceeds to them.

         I stand for play, fun & kicks out of life itself.  I stand for music with all the

colours left in.

         I stand for writing fit to wring tears from the stars.  I stand for inventing new
words which will serve your great great grandchildrens’ grandchildren.  I stand

for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

         I stand for painting out of a spirit of wonder, of miracles in the making, and

for the re-enchantment of our world.

         I stand for playing huge – for living my life out loud with generosity – in

large letters, deeply cut & strongly gilded.  Playing small doesn’t serve the world.

         I stand for Infinity.  In a moment of Infinity I see  

         an unending unfolding of undiscovered country…

         If the spark within your human spirit doesn’t go off – then nothing else will!

         I stand for Humility.  In a moment of Humility I’m tiny, small & real.  I

stand for titanic imaginings!  I summon my Will – open up & simply Make It


            I stand for setting an example of outrageously inspirational, Visionary

Leadership that sets your heart & soul on fire!

                            Above all – dig deep – Find your Joy!
                                     Let’s Dance & Sing!

I appreciate & acknowledge your support.  Together – nothing can stop us! – Let’s Do It!


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